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Kent, UK

When it comes to offering an abundance of scenic surroundings and historic landmarks, Kent has it all. Also known as the Garden of England, a phrase first coined by Henry Vlll, due to the area's landscape of orchards and hop gardens, this home county offers the perfect balance between city and rural living for a seamlessly harmonised lifestyle.

As well as Kent’s famous cities and historic towns, the county offers panoramic views across the English Channel and an array of sandy and shingle beaches for sunshine lounging or winter walking. Take a hike along one of Kent’s clifftop walks and look out for some rare wildlife or watch the waves from the comfort of a cosy coastal café.

Visit Kent for business, leisure or both

Kent’s bustling art and culture scene is enough to keep anyone busy throughout the day and into the evening and night. Art galleries, museums, theatres and events showcase the best of Kent’s talent, and restaurants of all cuisines will satisfy any pallet.

Kent River

Kent's History

Kent is one of the oldest recorded location names still used in the UK, with the name dating back the Greeks and Romans in 55 BC, who referred to Kent as ‘Kention’. As well as a historic name, Kent is home to some of the UK’s most famous historic UK landmarks, including Canterbury Cathedral, Dover Castle, and The White Cliffs of Dover.

Whether you’re keen to see the site of the famous murder of the Archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170, looking to catch a glimpse of the chalky white cliffs that provided a beacon of hope to so many during the war, or simply want to learn more about Kent’s history, you’ll find plenty to see, experience and explore during your visit.

Alongside Kent’s famous historic cities, the county’s smaller towns and villages hold rich secrets from the past. These include the central town of Ashford, established in 1423, the familiarly named village of Leeds which boasts a medical fortress dating back to the 12th century, and Aylesford on the River Medway which has been settled since Neolithic times – just to name a few.

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